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The National Union of Students will be among the many organisations supporting this Saturday's People's Vote mega demonstration in London.


The union says that "it is now clear our generation deserves to have their voices heard in the final deal via a People's Vote".


"If the best case scenario (EEA and Single Market Brexit) is half a million job losses, and the worst case scenario (No deal), 2 million job losses, we must be given the opportunity to make an informed choice. It will be students, especially those from working class, ethnic minority backgrounds who will suffer most - many of whom were not even able to vote in 2016. 


"Ultimately, we need a guarantee from Westminster. Students are losing all faith in the process. We need to know that the future of students and young people in the UK is safe because if a good deal cannot be agreed, it’s our generation, and generations to follow, who will have the most to lose.


"That’s why we are supporting a #PeoplesVote, and encourage others to Take Action and join us at the march in Central London on 19 October and to demand a say on the final deal".


Erica Ramos, NUS Vice President (Union Development) will be speaking at the rally when the march reaches Parliament Square.


“NUS, in line with policy decided by our members, support a People’s Vote on any form of Brexit. It’s clear to us that the politicians have been unable to sort out this chaos, so the power must be given back to the people.


Many student leaders from different Students’ Unions across the UK have been organising and mobilising, and students will be marching on 19 October for a People’s Vote. We know that young people will have to deal with the consequences of Brexit for the longest, so it’s crucial that our voices are heard in this debate. I’m proud to be speaking at the rally on Saturday, and I encourage you to join us. We’ll be assembling from 12pm at Park Lane, to march together for a final say,” she said.

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