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consider voting
by posT

Please consider voting by post – and please do so as early as possible (and please encourage all your pro-Remain friends, relatives and colleagues to do likewise)

Instead of voting at your local polling station on December 12, you can (if you wish) apply for a postal vote. Your application needs to have been received by the relevant people in your local council by Tuesday, November 26, 5PM.

More details can be found here: –


However, if you plan to vote in person at your local polling station, put Thursday December 12 in your diary and of course don't forget to vote! 


Polling stations open at 7 A.M. and close at 10 P.M. If you are on the electoral register and eligible to vote in this election, your local council should send you a poll card – which will tell you which polling station, you need to cast your vote at, if you are going to vote in person.


Your local polling station will be located in your immediate local area, relatively near to where you live.


If, by any chance, your poll card does not arrive in time or you can't find it, you do not actually need it in order to vote.


You can read a useful article here explaining postal votes etc, which first appeared in The Guardian

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