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Just how patriotic is Brexit?

Do we really want to put a

smile on this man's face?

Whatever your view is on Europe, leaving it will massively benefit the

Western world’s most dangerous adversary, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

Make no mistake about it: Leaving the EU (and the intensely messy long-term aftermath of doing so) will, whether we like it or not, profoundly weaken our continent.

Without doubt, the main beneficiary of a weakened Europe will be Mr Putin.

For the past 70 years, the European Union and its predecessor organisations have helped keep Europe relatively stable and peaceful and have helped protect our democracy and our freedoms from real and powerful threats.

Over recent months and years, Russia has:

  • Used spy submarines to illegally violate UK territorial waters off western Scotland and South-West England (a tenfold increase in violations since 2015!)

  • Used Russian destroyers and other vessels to carry out military activities near the UK coast more than 160 times over the past eight years.

  • Deployed Russian agents, equipped with deadly poison, to carry out attempted murders on UK soil, which led to the death or serious ill health of several British citizens. Indeed, the amount of poison which the Russian agents deliberately left behind in Oxford could have killed literally thousands of the city’s residents.

  • Invaded Britain’s ally Ukraine – twice (and illegally seized 17,000 square miles of territory).

  • Threatened several EU countries with political (and potentially military) intervention

  • Interfered in elections and referenda in at least six western European countries – including the UK.

We can’t afford to weaken our continent. The last time Europe weakened and destabilised, the consequences were catastrophic.

We now know just how much Brexit will undermine Europe, and potentially threaten our country’s and our continent’s peace and security.

Demand a People’s Vote before any form of Brexit is Implemented

Support Britain and our continent’s best interests– and say no to Brexit


Democracy means little unless it includes our right to change

our minds!

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