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Brexit isn't working
March for Europe on Saturday, September 10

Politicians don't want to talk about it


The media tries not to mention it

It's the truth that dares not speak its name – the political elephant in the room:

Brexit isn't working

We know it.    You know it.

So let's tell the politicians loud and clear:


  • Start repairing and rebuilding Britain's relationship with the rest of our continent

  • Say no to labour shortages and economic decline (Brexit removed 1.3 million workers from the UK's labour force!)

  • Say no to chaos at our ports and airports (Brexit-related border bureaucracy and labour shortages are causing havoc)

  • Say no to Brexit's threat to Northern Ireland's Good Friday peace agreement (Any re-imposition of a hard border between the two parts of the island of Ireland will endanger NI's hard-won peace)

  • Say no to any breakup of the UK (A continuing poor relationship between Britain and the EU will strengthen dissatisfaction in Scotland and thus increase the chances of the UK's disintegration)

  • Say no to price rises and inflation (Brexit is a major factor contributing to both)

Help convince the politicians to start planning now to re-join the EU as soon as is politically possible.

Join the historic national pro-Europe demonstration being held in London on Saturday, September 10

Please assemble between midday and 1 PM on Saturday, 10 September in the north-east part of Hyde Park (near Marble Arch) - and then march to a rally in Parliament Square.

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