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One Crisis at a Time

Get the Best deal for Britain      
Stop! Think! Avoid more crises!

One Crisis at a Time is a single issue campaign which tried to persuade as many politicians, civil society organisations, and leaders to encourage Government to opt for an extension, regardless of how you /they voted back in 2016. The UK is facing a completely new reality now that Brexit has happened.  The questions we face are:
What sort of deal is best for the country

  • How do we minimise the damage to jobs and living standards in the UK and focus all efforts on beating Covid-19?

  • Can we stop the clock counting down on a Brexit deal?

  • What happens after Brexit?

A few months ago Harrow and Hillingdon European Movement cooperated with Devizes for Europe and other groups to help set up a national campaign called One Crisis at a Time.

Here is the link to their excellent website:

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