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Throwing down the gauntlet

We call on our most powerful local MP - the Prime Minister - to take whatever action is necessary to ensure that Brexit does not harm our country or our continent. 

That will be especially important during his government's current negotiations with the EU, particularly over the coming weeks.

As Harrow and Hillingdon European Movement, we campaigned against Brexit for several years - because we believed that it would harm both our country and our continent

But we also obviously now recognise that Brexit has happened (although, to a large extent, it has not yet been implemented)

Real in-depth implementation (i.e. leaving the Single Market, the Customs Union, EU security arrangements and other pan-European systems) will only occur at the end of this year (2020).

Boris Johnson's slogan has, of course, always been 'get Brexit done'.

Legally speaking, Brexit happened on 31 January - but in reality (because of the current transition period), Brexit won't really 'get done' until one hour before midnight on December 31. But the big as-yet-unanswered question is whether it's simply Brexit which will 'get done' – or whether it's the long-suffering British public who are also about to 'get done'.

But, at Harrow and Hillingdon European Movement, we're an open-minded bunch – so we're 'throwing down the gauntlet' to our most famous local MP - to test whether he really can 'make Brexit work' – and whether he really can live up to all those wonderful promises he and his Brexiteer colleagues made to the British public.

So here are 12 'Brexit rabbits' he's got to pull out of his Prime Ministerial hat, in order to prove that Brexit can work.

We have to admit that we have our doubts as to whether he can pull off that particular piece of magic.

If he can't, we suspect he will try to blame coronavirus or his critics or our fellow Europeans.

But promises are promises (and protecting the interests of the British public is his prime-ministerial duty and the job we all pay him to do) - so we are going to be monitoring his performance over the coming months and years to see exactly how many of the 12 rabbits, below, we can award him a 'task accomplished' 🥕 for. We wish him luck – but we have to admit that we do still have our doubts as to just how many 🥕he'll manage to collect!

We therefore call on the Prime Minister to ensure that he achieves at least the following TWELVE things:

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