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Good things can only happen when we fight for them!

We should be immensely proud of the massive People's Vote demonstration which we, in Harrow and Hillingdon European Movement, took part in on Saturday, 19 October.


As you know, around 1 million people marched through central London to a huge rally in Parliament Square.


Our message to the government, Parliament as a whole and to the world could not have

been clearer.


Countless thousands of banners and placards made it clear that the only way out of the current political disaster is for the public nationwide to have a final say – the right to say yes or no to Boris Johnson's appalling deal.


Our huge demonstration was part of our long and noble tradition of fighting for what we believe in.


It's only ever been through long, hard campaigning, often over many years, that social progress has been made in our country and indeed around the world. Sometimes success is achieved very rapidly – but more often it can take years or even decades. But thankfully, more often than not, dedication and hard work ultimately does win victory and progress.


The pictures on this page reveal that proud and positive tradition that we are all part of.

What's more, an amazing and very moving short film cataloguing that crucial progressive tradition was shown to the tens of thousands of people gathered outside Parliament that Saturday. It was specially made for the People's Vote campaign.


Here's the link to it:



The struggle for human rights. Tens of thousands stage one of Britain's first mass demonstrations.



The campaign for democracy.  Thousands demand that women be given the right to vote.



The struggle for peace: hundreds of thousands march against the Iraq War

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 23.36.19.png


Our campaign against Brexit: a million march for a Peoples Vote

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