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Just how patriotic is Brexit?

Will it really allow us to take back control – or simply put us under the control of Donald Trump and other even more ruthless world leaders?

Do you really want to hand Britain over to this man?

Our ability to maintain our political and economic influence in the world and our control over our own domestic affairs will depend entirely on us having a strong and influential relationship with Europe.

If we leave the EU, with a 'no-deal' or hard Brexit, we will automatically become dependent on the attitudes of major powers elsewhere in the world, over whom we have absolutely no control and very little influence.


If our economy is weakened by Brexit, then our vulnerability will increase.


Sadly, all the indications are that Brexit will do just that:


The government's own economic forecast, published earlier this year, said that by 2033, in the case of a 2019 no-deal Brexit, the UK economy would be between 6.3 and 9 percent smaller than it would otherwise have been – and that several parts of the country would be even worse hit.


The government study also predicts that new border/customs checks will cost UK businesses well over a billion pounds a month.


What's more, the traditionally very cautious Bank of England has warned that a no-deal Brexit would "by clear orders of magnitude" be

materially worse for Britain's outlook than would otherwise have been the case.


The bank also stated that UK companies have told it that, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, they would expect "a sharp fall in output, a sharp fall in employment, a sharp fall in exports and a sharp increase in prices."


Assessing the implications for service industries (which account for 80 percent of the British economy), the UK Trade Policy Observatory predicts that, in certain sectors, "trade will be impossible, not just more expensive."


And Tech UK – Britain's Technology sector trade organisation – fears that literally hundreds of thousands of existing UK trade contracts will be adversely affected.


But how exactly will our weaker economy prevent us from 'taking back control'.


The answer is simple – and brutal:


Our weaker economy will by definition, force us to make very unequal deals with ultra-powerful governments around the world (Alone, we simply don't have the muscle of Europe as a whole).


Some of those governments have already made it crystal clear what their trade deal 'price' will be.


Trump stated quite clearly that US companies would have to be given greater access to the NHS (although, he subsequently tried to fudge the issue, by changing his phraseology when he realised how politically sensitive the subject was).


America will also insist that we relax our domestic food standards laws to allow the US to export chlorinated chicken and other foods to us that do not meet UK legal standards.


It will also seek to insist that British exports to many other countries (for example, China) can only be done with specific US permission.


Australia and New Zealand will insist on unrestricted access to the UK market for their farm produce – thus massively undermining the UK

farming sector.


Indian and possibly Australian and potentially other countries will insist on using any new trade agreements to, in effect, control aspects of the UK immigration system in their favour.


So, whether in terms of our domestic food standards laws, the future of the UK farming sector, Britain's immigration system, our right to trade with major overseas markets and the protection of British jobs, a 'no-deal' Brexit or a hard Brexit will tragically lead to us losing control, not gaining it!


Don't lose control. Say no to Brexit


Demand a final say – a People's Vote

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