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Uxbridge and South Ruislip residents send petition to Boris Johnson

Last month, Harrow and Hillingdon European Movement volunteers in Prime Minister Boris Johnson's constituency, Uxbridge and South Ruislip, organised a petition to Mr Johnson, which was then sent to him.


It was signed by many hundreds of local residents from his constituency.


Here is the text of the petition:


Dear Mr Johnson,


We, your constituents, are horrified by your willingness to impose a 'no deal' Brexit on our country – and your decision to suspend our cherished parliamentary democracy in order to achieve that.


We are appalled that you have unfairly sought to involve our Queen in the implementation of your politically partisan plans. It is completely wrong of you to involve her.


We are disgusted that you are playing Russian roulette with our nation's (and our continent's) future by endangering millions of people's livelihoods and living standards.


We are horrified that you will endanger the economic viability of the NHS by signing a potentially unbalanced trade deal with President Trump which would give America (and it's very powerful pharmaceutical companies) power over our health service.


We are also very concerned that a 'no deal' Brexit will weaken our continent and therefore play directly into the hands of Putin's Russia.
Likewise, we fear that your hard line Brexit policy will endanger peace in Northern Ireland.


We also fear that a 'no deal' Brexit will endanger the unity and ultimate survival of our country as a whole – our United Kingdom.

What's more your policy threatens not only our stability as a nation – but potentially also the stability of our continent as a whole. We believe that we put our country's unity and our continent's stability at risk at our peril.


A 'no deal' Brexit is not what the people of Britain voted for back in 2016 – and, according to most opinion polls over the past six months, many more people oppose Brexit than support it.


A hard Brexit will do irreparable damage. Your suppression of Parliamentary democracy at this critical time is appalling.


As your constituents, we (and, no doubt, tens of thousands of others) will therefore not be able to vote for you as our MP at the next election.

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