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Make your vote count

Make your vote count – vote tactically (and, absolutely crucially, please ask all your pro-Remain friends, relatives and colleagues to consider doing likewise). 

This general election is our opportunity to start turning back the Brexit tide. It's our chance to ensure that the majority of MPs returned to Parliament, in the General Election on December 12, are pro-Remain and/or pro-People's-Vote.


The Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green and most other parties are pro-Remain and/or pro-People's-Vote. Only the Conservative Party, Brexit Party and UKIP are pro-leave and anti-Peoples-Vote.


So, in order to make sure we get a pro-People's-Vote Parliament, committed to holding a second referendum (with an option to remain in the EU), as many Remain supporters as possible (in all parts of the UK) need to vote tactically in this crucial general election.The pro-Remain organisation, Best for Britain, commissioned very sophisticated countrywide polling which has demonstrated that pro-PV and pro-Remain MPs could have a substantial majority - but only if 40% of Remain voters vote tactically (for details, please see below).


Where, for instance, a Labour candidate has the best chance of defeating an anti-People's Vote candidate (usually a Conservative), all parts of the Remain/pro-PV movement (People's Vote, European Movement, Best for Britain, Open Britain, etc) are strongly recommending that people should vote Labour.


However, in constituencies where the Liberal Democrat candidate has the best chance, all major Remain organisations are equally strongly recommending that people should vote Liberal Democrat. Where a Green candidate or where a pro-Remain and/or pro-PV independent has the best chance, people should vote for them.

Why is tactical voting so important in this general election? 

It is because this is no ordinary election. Most general elections just determine what happens for the following five years (or less). This one will determine what happens to our country (and perhaps even to our continent) for potentially the next 50 years (or more).


It will determine whether we allow Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit plan to undermine Europe (and potentially even undermine our continent's stability and peace). It will determine whether we allow Brexit to undermine the fight against climate change. It may also determine whether, as a result of Brexit, the UK itself disintegrates. It will determine the future of the NHS. And it will determine whether Johnson's Brexit plan ends up putting smiles on the faces of Putin and Trump. That's why this is no ordinary general election. That's why as many remainers as possible should make every vote count – by voting tactically.


Here is a link to an excellent website (Electoral Calculus) which gives data and predictions for all constituencies in the UK (However, the predictions do not take account of potentially high levels of tactical voting - so there is all to play for!!!):


As soon as the official People's Vote tactical voting advice website (supported by the European Movement and several other pro-Remain organisations) is operational, we will include a link to it.


According to a detailed country-wide poll (carried out for Best for Britain - a leading pro-Remain pro-PV organisation) only tactical voting can produce a pro-Remain/pro-Peoples-Vote [pro-PV] parliament:


If no tactical voting occurs, then the Tories will win 364 seats, Labour would win 189 seats, Lib Dems would win 23 seats, Plaid would win 3 seats,  the SNP would win 52 seats and the Greens would win 1 seat (therefore giving a Conservative majority of 44).

However, if 30% of Remain voters use their vote tactically, the Best for Britain poll shows that the Conservatives would win 308 seats, Labour would win 233 seats, Lib Dems would win 34 seats, Plaid would win 4,  the SNP would win 52 seats and the Greens would win 1 seat (therefore resulting in a pro-PV and/or Remain majority of 4).


But if 40% of pro-Remain voters use their vote tactically, the Tories would win 276 seats, Labour would win 255 seats, Lib Dems would win 44 seats, Plaid would win 4 seats, the SNP would win 52 seats and the Greens would win 1 seat (therefore giving a pro-PV and/or pro-Remain majority of 36).

So, to quote a famous popular TV programme, 'the power is in your hands'!


At the end of the day, every individual voter must make up their own individual minds as to how they are going to use their vote. All we can do, as a local pro-Remain pro-PV campaign, is to make available Remain/pro-PV movement recommendations, the People's Vote tactical voting website and the Electoral Calculus (and potentially other) detailed data.

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