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Wanted: A public enquiry into the consequences of Brexit

Please sign the petition now

One of our fellow European Movement branches -  Leeds for Europe - has launched a superb petition through Parliament's official petitions system to try to persuade the government to hold an official public inquiry into the consequences of Brexit.


Unsurprisingly, because Brexit has caused so much damage to pretty much everything, the government doesn't particularly want to hold a public inquiry into the Brexit catastrophe.


The petition's aim is to force the government to face up to what it's hard-line Brexit has done to Britain.

So far the petition has got more than 93,000 signatures (which is pretty good). However, we need to push it to over 100,000 - because, when it reaches that figure, the government is legally obliged to consider holding a parliamentary debate on the issue. What's more, petitions which reach the 100,000 mark are almost always debated - so that would mean that, for the first time, parliament would be forced to debate the dire consequences of leaving the European Union!


We therefore need to get more people to sign -  both locally and throughout the UK.


So please look at the petition on the government's website - and, if you have not already signed it, then please consider urgently doing so. 


Please also use social media and any other means to tell your friends (anywhere in the UK) about the petition and persuade them to also sign it.


If you would like to see a map of all the parliamentary constituencies in the UK and how many people have so far signed the petition in each constituency (including locally), follow this link on the government's website.


As you probably know, the opinion polls show that public opinion is beginning to reject Brexit. If parliament is forced to debate the tragic consequences of Brexit, it will clearly allow some of the media to further highlight some of those consequences. And that, in turn, will help persuade more people that leaving the EU was a huge mistake. And that in turn will encourage more politicians to begin examining ways in which the UK can repair its relationship with the rest of our continent.


That's why this petition is so important. So, if you agree with it, please sign it (and get your family and friends to do likewise. Anybody resident in the UK can sign it, irrespective of age or nationality).

Good things can only happen when we fight
for them!

We should be immensely proud of the massive People's Vote demonstration which we, in Harrow and Hillingdon European Movement, took part in on Saturday, 19 October.

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