The Prime Minister must make sure that Britain isn't worse off environmentally after we cease to be bound by common EU/UK environmental standards at the end of this year. Those Europe-wide standards have, up till now, helped ensure that we have proper protection from dangerous chemicals, comprehensive safeguards against banned pesticides, effective controls to ensure sustainable fishing, proper wild animal habitat protection, and effective, transparent and independent enforcement of environmental standards. The Prime Minister must also ensure that his planned reduction in UK/EU cooperation after the end of this year does not undermine Britain and the European Union's efforts to combat global warming. He must ensure that the UK continues to play a large, crucial and effective role in helping to ensure that our continent is at the forefront of world efforts to avert climatic catastrophe. That is essential because our continent is the world's third largest economy - and global warming poses a huge threat to lives and prosperity worldwide, including here in the UK.

Brexit-related promises (about the environment and climate change) from Boris Johnson and his colleagues:

Perhaps significantly, there were virtually none. Despite the dire threat that global warming poses to our country and our planet, there was zero mention of it in the Vote Leave campaign manifesto, drawn up by that organisation's campaign committee of which Boris Johnson was a prominent member.

Of equal significance is the fact that 77% of all referendum-related press coverage during the 10 week long referendum campaign was about the economy and immigration. All other issues were each less than 6.5%. All environmental issues (including climate change) came to a grand total of just 4%. What's more, from at least halfway through the campaign, referendum-related coverage of immigration and the economy began to rise dramatically. By the 10th week of the campaign, they were (percentage-wise), respectively, almost five-fold and double what they had been in week 1. All other issues were pushed aside – including Brexit's potentially dire implications for the environment and climate change.

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